As NEMESIS basketball player training/development coaches, we are big on 3X3 basketball.

We think it's awesome for skill development at all age levels because...

You get MORE touches on the ball (you're only sharing it with 3 players instead of 5). Six passes can be an average possession in 3X3, meaning each player will have the ball at least TWICE every possession.

You have more space to try new moves and practice new skills.

Your defensive footwork and agility IMPROVES because you have to cover more distance with fewer players on the court.

You IMPROVE passing, dribbling, shooting, cutting, spacing, rebounding and defense.

All players have equal opportunity to make plays and help their team win.

Teamwork is stressed in 3x3 so teams are successful.

Teams can be formed with by adding 2 to 3 friends to your squad.

No coaches are screaming at you!! It’s about 3-4 teammates working together. The substitution player (if any) can act as the coach and handle rotations. Some teams implement the sub if you turn over rule as a standard but each team figures out how they will play this tournament on their own.

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